Furniture is divided into two categories. a) The varnished furniture. are delivered assembled at your place. Their surface is made of real wood which is painted in the color of your choice. You can easily distinguish them from the weight of the construction and the homogeneous whole that are their main characteristics. b) Melamine furniture is transported to the customer usually assembled. Their surface is in no way painted and in addition you strongly cause the impression of plastic. The biggest disadvantage, however, is identified over a short period of time. As they were assembled on site and in the absence of the necessary glue, the joints gradually begin to loosen and the instability of the construction becomes more noticeable and of course dangerous.
We have a wide variety of all types of wood that are suitable for a piece of furniture. For example, we mention the oak, either solid or with veneer, the American walnut, the beech, the pine and many more.
The traditional beeswax is ideal for feeding the oldest wooden furniture. But if the furniture is new, of good quality with a simple cotton damp cloth and then a passage with a dry one, it is enough to have shiny wooden furniture.
You can thoroughly scrub the stain with a small brush soaked in water with vinegar.
For general cleaning, use only a dry, soft cloth. If necessary, wipe or gently scrub the entire surface with a clean, soft cloth dipped in soap and water. For vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush attachment at the end of the hose to prevent the surface from being scratched.
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